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However lively and vibrant, Athens can often become tedious and if we may say, very monotonous! And it’s the simple things and spontaneous moments you share with your friends or coworkers that give back that – lost from everyday hard routine – most valuable vitality.

So, why don’t you dare it then? Make that after work call to a friend. Live like a tourist in your city for a day and escape to Ekali, Athens’s most beautiful and tranquil garden. Being one of the best boutique hotel in Greece right now, Life Gallery athens promises fine dining experiences in its awarded restaurant, evenings of wine tasting delight with the most exceptional fine wine carefully selected by the awarded sommelier Nicholas Giannopoulos as well as weekly sushi nights.

Kool Life Bar Restaurant has that cosmopolitan sophistication that any conscious urban traveler seeks to appreciate. You will be impressed by the contemporary luxurious aura of the space, thanks to the warm elements, minimalistic design and the light diffused from the glass surfaces that make you feel as one with the green landscape.

But the secret of the high end, “Toques d’ Or” awarded cuisine lies in its comforting side as well. One that promises to lure you into complete gastronomic satisfaction through its exceptional service and delectable choices of fine Greek and Mediterranean delicacies.

It is an integrated experience that starts from being in an elegant environment with exquisite decoration details and fine art, to enjoying the most mouth-watering dishes carefully prepared by our multi awarded and most talented chef Alexander Tsiotinis. Quality ingredients, authentic flavors and creativity all artfully blend to give you a taste of high end cuisine. High quality meat or fresh fish combined with vegetables and herbs from local gardens. Flavors and aromas upgrade the dish and go beyond the recipe into a delicious journey to the Mediterranean.

A magical experience that will justify in the best way your decision to visit Life Gallery and Kool Life Bar Restaurant and one you will surely want to live again and again!

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