New menu at Kool Life Restaurant in collaboration with Yiannis Baxevanis

Life Gallery athens is proud to unveil its brand new menus for the Kool Life Restaurant, designed in collaboration with award-winning Greek chef Yiannis Baxevanis.

Yiannis Baxevanis is acting as consultant chef for bluegr Hotels & Resorts’ four properties in Athens and Crete: Minos Beach art HotelMinos Palace hotel & suitesCandia Park village and Life Gallery athens. The gastronomic philosophy of bluegr Hotels & Resorts is closely linked to local produce,

fresh ingredients and a devotion to quality cooking. Similarly, Chef Baxevanis follows a transparent theory when crafting his exceptional dishes: keep it simple, fresh and healthy. Known throughout Greece as the ‘aroma magician’, Baxevanis is famous for his talented use of aromatic herbs, adding a special element to all his culinary creations.

Diners choosing the Kool Life Restaurant can look forward to an a menu of delicious local produce and inventive cuisine. Start the night with a bowl of freshly baked bread, perfect for nibbling at whilst you peruse the full menu. The selection of appetizers includes cured skipjack with sea urchin, sorrel sauce, smoked taramasalata and pickled cucumber, or veal liver with pumpkin, nettle, orange blossom and hibiscus sauce, and liver pate.  The main courses kick off with the catch of the day, served with couscous, aromatic greens and a green egg-lemon sauce. Traditionalists will enjoy a dish of slow-cooked goat with Cretan sour wheat with carrot and sour apple cream. End the night with a sweet treat, perhaps choosing a lemon verbena meringue with white chocolate cream, mastiha-infused yoghurt, pistachio crumble and strawberry sorbet, or dive into an almond parfait with confit of quince, chocolate cream, sesame brittle and mandarin.

Guests and visitors to Life Gallery athens can look forward to an exciting new era of gastronomic delights, marrying the talents of Chef Baxevanis with the traditional ingredients and flavors of Greece and resulting in one of the finest culinary experiences available to the modern diner.

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