Memories of strong emotions!

Do emotions make strong memories? According to researchers, memories of pleasant and emotionally charged events are the ones that stay with you forever and can trigger those emotions at any time even long after you have experienced them. They can be activated by memories and sometimes can be felt with the same intensity as when they were actually experienced.

Remembering a special place or event, the person you were with or the mood you were in, can evoke strong emotions of excitement and joy. The mind can summon emotional memories of exciting situations of love when you have enjoyed a romantic candlelit dinner for two at the garden, pride when your idea about getting away from the office and moving that meeting by the pool was a success or joy that Friday has finally come and you can unwind with friends to that cool bar you were longing to go all week!

Yes, it’s those Friday nights at the pool, where you wish for the night not to end. You find yourself in a fairytale environment amidst blue, green and purple lightning, enjoying the most delicious cocktails, cooling down at the lit glass pool. Your mood changes and your mind starts to travel. You think you ‘re at the island, but in reality you’re somewhere better, you’re in a fantasy!

And this is what we do… We create a fantasy that you turn into your everlasting ever-loving memory!

Photo credit: @disinvolto4ever
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