Cruise Athens in style with our new Ducati exhibition

Life Gallery Athens, member of the bluegr Hotels & Resorts, is thrilled to announce a new, exclusive collaboration with Ducati Greece, premium Italian motorcycle manufacturer. Starting this August, every month we will be hosting a new model for you to admire.

Enter XDiavel: A Cruiser, designed for long, easy, low-speed riding, whilst keeping up with Ducati’s racetrack capabilities and signature style. This bike features wide handlebars and low, forward positioned foot-pegs, which offer room for a more comfortable stance when you’re on the open road. Conquer a cross-country trip in style, or just cruise your city and watch heads turn as they take in the Matt Liquid Concrete Grey color, seamlessly matched for the “total black” finish of the mechanics. Any Ducatista will recognize the unparalleled smoothness in the turns, the undeniably powerful accelerations, the absolute versatility of this bike. Whether you’re looking for a speedy ride on the highway or a stylish city drive, XDiavel’s got you covered.

Just like the impressive bike we’re hosting, we combine form and function at the state-of-the-art premises of Life Gallery athens. In our rooms, you can find luxurious, contemporary amenities as well as modern artistic touches.Dine in elegance and style, whether you’re enjoying breakfast at our exceptional Mediterranean-style buffet, lunch or dinner at the prestigious award-winning Kool Life Bar Restaurant, or anything and everything in between at Kool Life Bar, where crafty cocktails and seasonal snacks are served all day long. Find your inner peace at the Ananea Wellness by Orloff Experts Spa with a restorative massage or dip in the Jacuzzi, followed by a moment of relaxation in our steam room. And dive into our glass wall swimming pool, where you can tread water under the trees with the natural sounds of the Athenian suburbs all around you.

Your stay at Life Gallery athens is sure to offer you style, relaxation and a superior urban hospitality experience.

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