Eternal Summer: Summer is that Heartwarming feeling

Ok, you have to admit, summer rocks! It’s that lightness that all your obligations are miles away, like that light, comfortable t-shirt you’re so looking forward to wear again. You dive into cool blue water and you immediately feel you’re in a pure, transparent place where all stops and all begins again. You feel the high temperature warming your body gradually from the bottom up in a serene garden, while the summer wind embraces you.

Nature becomes a natural air conditioner in those beautiful, purple summer evenings where you feel the gentle breeze caressing your face.

You rejuvenate. You detoxify.

Then, in one sudden realization you understand that all these are strong feelings that fill you up with energy and mobilize your system, both physically and emotionally.

It’s those feelings that keep you away from the melancholy of autumn and the cold of winter. It is the fuel that your heart needs to keep moving on, that heartwarming feeling called summer that creates your comfort zone and keeps you warm within.

You feel alive. You live your Life Gallery.

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