Eternal summer: “Summer feel” experiences

So summer is supposed to be fun, right? Right! That’s why summer is the only season of the year whose experiences we connect with feelings. After all, how many times have we talked, written or posted on our social media about that “summer feel”?

When was the last time you stayed until late at night chatting with friends, not caring what time or day it was? When was the last time when you phoned a friend to pick him or her from work to spend the afternoon together relaxing in one of the best spas in town? Or just spent a Sunday morning in a beautiful and utterly quiet garden to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and the company of your favorite book?

If the first thing that comes to mind is some errands you had to run last week or a deadline you’ve successfully met, well good for you of course… But sorry, it doesn’t count!

In the science of psychology, joy and pleasure are the two key components that influence like no other, the physical and mental health and are directly related to longevity. We need to carve out more time from our daily routines in order to do things just for fun and taste experiences that will make us feel summer all year. That will make us experience Life and ultimately keep those experiences as joyful memories in the Gallery of our mind.

Photo Credit:  @rafaellaci
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