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Ananea Wellness by Orloff Experts

Pamper body and soul at one of the best hotels with spa in Athens.

Ananea Wellness by Orloff Experts

Nestled in a peaceful, natural surrounding, the hotel spa at Life Gallery athens invites guests to revitalize their senses and refresh their body and soul. The Ananea Wellness by Orloff Experts Spa includes a state-of-the-art wet area, Jacuzzi and sauna and hamam (steam room), as well as range of treatments carried out by professional and experienced therapists. Enjoy a restorative massage incorporating Valmont and Cinq Mondes products, release all tension in the meditation room or meet with a therapist to discuss your personal, tailor-made wellness needs.

Opening hours:

Tuesday till Saturday: 10.00am – 20.00pm | The wet area (Steam-room, sauna, Jacuzzi) will be operating from 10.00am. Therapies start at 12.00pm.
Sunday & Monday: 12.00pm – 20.00pm

Life Gallery - Ananea Wellness by Orloff Experts
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