Based on our philosophy , at Bluegr Hotels and Resorts we are committed to making sustainable holidays the way to experience exclusive hospitality, executive services, creative gastronomy , beautiful surroundings, regional culture and customs . Our day to day operations and actions are taking into account the whole picture, addressing the social, environmental and economic aspects.

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Our recruitment plan is aiming to employ and develop people from the local area, and we are proud that most of our staff members are locals. Our people follow our carefully designed health and safety policy consequently updated to late legislation requirements . All employees have access to the hotel’s doctor, our staff facilities and meal plan. We are committed on the continues development of our people with training programs and an average of 22h training hours per season per staff member. Our training programs include but are not limited to Health and Safety policies, Environmental & Sustainability practices, First Aid, H.A.C.C.P. and safe food handling, Customer Service, Wine and Gastronomy.

Supporting and promoting locality has always been a priority for us. Much of our construction and day to day operations suppliers, are from the island of Crete and Greece creating more regional employment opportunities and giving back to the society. The use and presentation of local products to our guests create an experimental bonding with the area promoting our customs, traditions, and philosophy. 

Our environmental philosophy is based on the adoption of a new eco-culture and the enhancement of the environmental awareness that extends throughout bluegr Hotels & Resorts.
A water management system is in place to preserve and maintain the sustainable consumption of resources including automated irrigation systems, smart usage policies, efficient water saving equipment and continues staff training. Our solid waste management system is focused to reduce waste at the source by using reusable materials and minimize the use of plastic in all processes. The recycling performance is monitored monthly and our plan includes the recycling of glass, paper, batteries, light bulbs, scrap metals and electronic devices. Recycling policies are followed by staff members, and our guests are also encouraged to participate.

Pollution of natural resources is controlled by conducting monthly chemical and microbiological analyses by a certified laboratory member of Tentamus group. A strategic partnership is made with Diversey Inc. and most of cleaning agents and detergents used are eco labelled and plant based. Our environmental management system is certified under ISO 14001:2015

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