Beat the Heat and Celebrate Summer in Athens!

Long, hot summers don’t have to invoke mad dashes to the coast in search of sun beds and sea breezes – the northern suburbs of Athens benefit from significantly cooler temperatures due to their mountain air and are the ideal base for enjoying summer in the city of Athens!

Set on sightseeing? Arrange your wake-up-call for as early as possible and head down to the Acropolis for its 8am opening. Visiting archaeological sites during morning hours is a life-saver, as the temperature stays low until about 11am and the crowds haven’t yet arrived. Take a tip from the locals and stay indoors between midday and 4pm (at least!), or you risk the wrath of the hot Greek sun.

If you find yourself outside at midday, make a bee-line for a nearby museum and discover a world of ancient, medieval and modern history – with a helpful serving of air conditioning! The Acropolis Museum is a favourite but can get crowded in the summer months, so head to the cavernous Byzantine & Christian Museum with its treasure-trove of icons and artworks, or the picturesque Benaki Museum, which is also home to a delightful cafe and shop.

Take a seat at one of the city’s many outdoor cinemas for a night of Hollywood blockbusters under the stars. A favourite spot for tourists and local alike is certainly the atmospheric cinema at Thisseo, with its moonlight Acropolis views, but Cine Chloe in Kifissia is a picturesque and cosy option in the northern suburbs.

Life Gallery athens hosts a number of events throughout the summer, from wellness workshops to fine dining evenings. Ask at reception for details of what’s on during your stay, or simply head to the unique glass-walled swimming pool for a day of refreshing relaxation!

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