8 +1 reasons to visit Athens. Combine a relaxing stay with vibrant experiences!

We’re sure by now you’ve already know that Athens is one of the absolute must-visit destinations of Europe for every modern and sophisticated urban traveller. If you’re dreaming about your next visit to Athens you must definitely choose to stay in “Ekali”, the beautiful suburb located north of the city. According to Herodotus, Ekali was an aristocratic district where all the wealthy Athenians used to spend their holidays, during the hot summer months. It was actually called Athens’ natural air condition because it’s surrounded by tall pine trees absorbing the heat. However, if you need more reasons -and of course you do- to book your flight and pack your bags, here are 8 +1:

  1. The breath-taking Acropolis where the majestic Parthenon stands and the Acropolis Museum. A unique experience and the ultimate reason to visit Athens again and again!
  1. Are you an art lover? A few months ago, Athens welcomed its brand new National Museum of Contemporary Art which hosts very interesting exhibitions from internationally acclaimed Greek and European artists. Athens is truly a city of diversity, filled with numerous museums and art galleries where you will see masterpieces from the pre-classical and classical period of Ancient Greece to the young, cutting edge contemporary Greek artists.
  1. The city where theatre -as we know it today- was born has many talented contemporary artists giving hundreds of performances on a daily basis everywhere in Athens, even in the most unexpected places!
  1. Shopping in Kifisia or just walking around Ekali, enjoying a cup of coffee or a light meal in the high-class districts of the Athenian north.
  1. Exceptional nearby beaches. If busy is your thing or you’re looking for a relaxing day in a peaceful environment, there is surely a coastline that will satisfy everyone.

Life Gallery athens”, is an impressive 5-star design hotel, literally amidst the forest like atmosphere of ancient pine trees. Modern luxury is perfectly combined with the absolute harmony of the nature that surrounds the hotel, transforming it to a haven of tranquillity just minutes from the vibrant city centre.

  1. The upscale rooms and one and only suite feature high end, deluxe amenities which exude a sense of relaxation.
  1. Kool Life Bar Restaurant: Inside Life Gallery hotel, you can enjoy a scrumptious meal from its award-winning chefs. Feel as one with the magnificent surroundings of Ekali by choosing from a large selection of premium wines and cocktails and let the warm, luxurious ambient take you over.
  1. Fully functional business facilities that have placed Life Gallery athens in the top list of Business Hotels in Greece. Three stylish conference rooms featuring state of the art audio and visual equipment, high-end facilities and specialized staff ready to cater your every need in order to host a successful meeting event.

+1 Feeling tired from a long day in the city or just looking to combine your stay with beneficial body and mind treatments? The revitalisation of your senses begins in the “awarded as one of the best in Athens” Ananea Wellness spa by Orloff Experts. Enjoy hot tub, sauna or hamam and let yourself go as our specialised staff create a world of tranquillity and meditation.

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