5 tips for making business trips in Athens memorable

Business travel can be tiring and stressful, particularly when you’re away from home for long periods of time. Read on for our tips on how to make your next corporate visit to Athens a memorable one, making work feel more like play!

  1. Keep up with your regular workload

The stresses and anxieties of business travel often mean that your regular workload can get sidelined. Look out for local co-working spaces or spacious cafes where you can set up your laptop and fit some work in around meetings. Guests of Life Gallery athens will discover reliably fast WiFi available throughout the hotel, as well as a number of spaces perfect for working in peace and quiet – the foyer, library, Kool Life bar and hotel gardens are all perfect spots for catching up on your schedule.

  1. Look after your health

Unfamiliar hotel rooms, rich restaurant food and endless hours of meetings can result in business travel that piles on the pounds! Remember to look after your health by making a few adjustments such as visiting the hotel gym, heading to the local park, ordering fresh foods were possible and staying away from too much coffee or alcohol. Guests of Life Gallery athens can refresh and rejuvenate at the hotel’s luxury, in-house spa, take a dip in the glass-walled swimming pool and enjoy the fresh, healthy and light dishes served at the Kool Life Restaurant. The rooms and our luxury suites in Athens all come with heavy curtains for blocking out light and ensuring a wonderful sleep, whilst their mountain views are perfect for clearing the mind.

  1. See the sights & take home memories!

Travelling for work shouldn’t mean losing the opportunity to explore a new city and its hidden gems. For visitors short on time, a guided tour is a great way to explore Athens and see its main sights without feeling shortchanged. For repeat travellers, consider attending a free walking tour – these are led by a local resident and give a more in-depth and personal view of less touristy neighbourhoods and their secret delights.

  1. Say “Antio” in style

Book yourself into one of Athens’ International Airport’s seven lounges for your return flight and enjoy a relaxed, comfortable and stylish departure. For both Schengen and non-Schengen travellers, the Aegean Business Lounge provides a first-class pre-flight experience with its complimentary wine and traditional sweets as well as free WiFi and in-seat power outlets. Alternatively, to pass the time prior to check-in, visit the permanent Acropolis Museum exhibit at Entrance 3, including its fascinating copies of the west Parthenon frieze. The airport’s various Arts & Culture spaces also show temporary exhibitions throughout the year.

  1. Check-in to Life Gallery athens!

Guests of our business hotel in AthensLife Gallery athens are guaranteed a memorable stay with our range of premium facilities and amenities at our luxury 5 star Boutique Hotel in Athens. Dive into the cool waters of the glass-sided pool,  relax with a cocktail at the Kool Life Bar, explore the hotel’s contemporary artwork collection, book a treatment in the state-of-the-art spa and enjoy a fine dining experience at the Kool Life Restaurant, our awarded restaurant in Athens.

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